Īsa pamācība




Go with me to Larilo!





A free Dutch course

for Latvians


Learn Dutch online by using

a series of 4 children’s books


by drs. Piet Gielen linguistician

& Juris Bernāns assisting at Larilo-chapters



Dutch language


Main differences in sound

with the Latvian language


Vārdnīca  Latviešu –  Nīderlandiešu ►  Woordenboek Lets – Nederlands ►


Vārdnīca Nīderlandiešu- Latviešu

Woordenboek  Nederlands - Lets 


Useful words 


Counting in Dutch


Grammar: some examples


Translation of 3 Latvian texts


More useful words



link that can be very helpful:




Suggested method

Step 1  read and translate a chapter

Step 2  read and listen to this chapter

Step 3  repeat step 1 and 2   (circa 3 x)

Step 4  read this chapter aloud

Step 5  take the  next chapter



Ga je mee naar Larilo?


Part 1   De kermis


by Carin van Aken & Piet Gielen




Chapter 1   

Chapter 2   

Chapter 3   

Chapter 4   

Chapter 5   

Chapter 6   

Chapter 7   

Chapter 8   







Age rate of the Larilo-books for Dutch Children

Part 1 De kermis   Text   Spoken

           from 6 –7 years

Part 2 Spinazie is net poep   Text   Spoken   

           from 7 –8 years

Part 3 De glazen koffer van Venlo Text Spoken

           from 9 –10 years     

Part 4 De glazen poort   Text    Spoken

           from 11 –12 years                            



Copyright: Part 1-2   Carin van Aken & Piet Gielen

                   Part 3       Piet Gielen & Ruud Gielen

                   Part 4       Piet Gielen




Part 2   Spinazie is net poep


by Carin van Aken & Piet Gielen


Chapter 3   

Chapter 7   

Chapter 8   




Part 3   De glazen koffer van Venlo


by Piet Gielen & Ruud Gielen (illustrations)


Chapter  1     

Chapter  5    

Chapter 10a 



Part 4   De glazen poort


by Piet Gielen


Chapter  1